Bladder Cancer Symptoms

The most common symptoms of Bladder Cancer are:

Blood In the urine
In 10 of bladder cancer patients, 8 of them will have this symptom. You will see a bright red or dark brown color in your urine. Some of the bloods are showing in some of test and you might not see by your eyes. When blood occurs in the urine doesn’t mean that you will feel pain. If you have this symptom, please go to seek for a doctor and run a test. If you start the treatment early, easier treat the cancer.

Frequent Urine
Dysfunction of the urine and increase total volume of urine, is the types of frequent urine. Normally, people will feel urge urine when the bladder hold 150ml a time. In a day, people will urinate 8 times.

If you feel urge urine frequently but you only urinate a little in a time or feel urge urine during sleep it is a symptoms of Bladder Cancer symptoms. Other disease may also have the same symptoms.

Pain when passing urine, Back Pain and Pelvic Pain
When bladder is holding urine or shrink, patient may feel more pain. If the tumor is located in the bladder neck, can cause urinary tract infarction, and urinary retention.

Others Symptoms
Bladder Cancer may also have nausea, loss of appetite, fever, weight loss, anemia and others symptoms.

When Bladder Cancer become a complicated case ……..
If bladder cancer turns in a complicated case, you may see blood clots or tissue fragments in your urine.

If you have the above symptoms doesn’t mean you are 100% of bladder cancer. It might linked to other disease. Tell your doctor about your situations and run a test as fast as possible. If you have been diagnosed with Bladder Cancer, you should start you treatment as fast as possible.


Treatment of Bladder Cancer

Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Treatment for Bladder Cancer
Acupuncture has been around 5000 years to treating disease. Scientist suggest patient to take acupuncture as cancer treatment, it is better that western medicine to release your pain and side effect.

“Yellow Emperor’s Inner Canon” is combined with two part, first part is “Miraculous Pivot” (Lingshu Jing) and second is “Basic Question” (Su Wen). In “Miraculous Pivot” had mention about cancer/tumor and how to treat it using acupuncture technique. These prove that in the old century, Chinese Physician had found tumors and cancer in human’s body.  Chinese Physician discusses and done a lot of study for it, finally they found acupuncture have a good result to treat cancer.

In the past 50 years, acupuncture treatment for Bladder Cancer has shows the good result to the world. Acupuncture had make a remarkable result in treating cancer such as to improve immune system, reduce radiation, chemography and western medicine side effect and also cure cancer. Acupuncture Treatment is playing an irreplaceable role in the prevention and treatment of cancer.

Many of clinical practice and research done by Chinese Master shows, acupuncture have 3 main functions when treating cancer. First, reduce the pain. Second, improve your immune system. Last, is to regulate your body organs functions.

Chinese herbal is using to balance your body energy. Good energy can push your body immune system to fight with the cancer cells. Chinese Herbal uses a variety of herbs with different combination to restore your energy in your body. Chinese Master research shows, Acupuncture combines with Chinese herbal treatment and diet treatment can have a better result in a short time.The recovery rates depends on the grade, stages and types of cancer, the location cancer, the size of cancer,how long that cancer are happen and also age and patients general health.

Sabah Snake Grass – Miracle Cancer Herbs
Sabah Snake Grass is also called Clinacanthus. It had been found by Malaysian Cancer Patient in few years ago. It has a good result to treat cancer. Many cancer patients in Malaysia had been cure by this herb.

Due to the research that had done by Chinese Master, Sabah Snake Grass can also use to clearing heat, removing toxicity, uric acid, uterine fibroid, inflammation, skin disease, blood pressure, snake bites, nocturnal enuresis, rheumatoid and others. If you have bad side effect after taking the Sabah Snake Grass, you have to tell Chinese Master so he will combine it with other herbs to balance your body system. Bad side effect may include vomit, weakness leg, bad wetting or others. Do not take Sabah Snake Grass yourself if you did not have a professional Chinese Physicians guides. In the past 5 years, Chinese Master use Sabah Snake Grass to treat cancer patient and it shows a remarkable good results.


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